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Technical upgrade

You can also view our brief portfolio of performed installation and construction works.

Melservis has been performing project works in the area of technical reequipment for operating facilities of grain processing system for 10 years.

As a rule, such project work is a complex of activities aimed at technical and economic upgrade of certain facilities as well as overall factory. It is based on implementation of innovative equipment and cutting-edge technologies, modernization and automation of production, modernization and replacement of obsolete and outdated equipment with more up-to-date and efficient one.

Results of technical reequipment:

  • improved producibility;
  • increased production capacity;
  • increased production volume;
  • improved product quality and extended product range;
  • optimization of energy consumption;
  • minimizing production costs by means of optimized resource consumption.

We perform the following project works and activities:

  • due diligence examination: technical and investment audit of current facility;
  • preparation of feasibility study;
  • supervision of project documenting;
  • complex preparation and carrying out a tender process;
  • preparation of design and delivery specifications for the required equipment;
  • provision of equipment and materials for construction site;
  • manufacturing and installation of metal works;
  • manufacturing and installation of metal containers, tanks and other reservoirs, outlet and adapter cones;
  • manufacturing and installation of conveying, batching, weighing and packing equipment;
  • manufacturing and installation of free-flowing systems, distribution and locking devices, elevator aspiration systems;
  • installation of technical equipment, utility lines, networks and systems;
  • design and development of automatic process control systems;
  • implementation and installation of automatic process control systems;
  • electrical installation works;
  • adjustment and start-up works;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.

Approvals and permits

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