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Project Design Development

Project design is a critical phase for manufacturing of any product. It predetermines its appearance, composition, type and amount of employed materials, manufacturing timeline. This phase is also appropriate to identify manufacturing feasibility and applicability of the designed unit.
JSC Melservis performs the whole range of project design works for various types of products. Our specialists offer high level of expertise in this area. They profoundly research specific features of a certain production, skillfully arrange all project phases and handle all emerging scientific and technical issues . All this enables to achieve set targets in a competent, professional manner and to meet even tight deadlines.
We carry out customized project design development in compliance with requirements of Unified System for Design Documentation.

Our services:

1. Engineering development of nonstandard constructions and devices of miscellaneous purposes and varied sizes (from several millimeters to several meters):

  • metal containers, tanks and other reservoirs, outlet and adapter cones;
  • conveying, batching, weighing and packing equipment;
  • free-flowing systems, distribution and locking devices, aspiration systems;
  • technical equipment, utility lines, networks and systems;
  • automatic process control systems;
  • testing benches and machinery;
  • technical equipment, die moulds and devices;
  • nonstandard tools.

2. Project design development. Preparing a project design includes:

  • on-site audit for due diligence: assessing sizing parameters of equipment and scope of work;
  • preparing customized technical design specification;
  • fabrication of customized technical drawings;
  • producibility counseling.

3. Digitizing of technical drawings.
4. 3D modeling and visualizing.
5. Customized design and fabrication of technical drawings:

  • engineering development in accordance with technical design specification. You provide technical specification, we submit fabrication drawings. Technical design specification should include description of construction, functions, requirements to construction and technical drawing, explanatory notes and comments;
  • converting your drafts into fabrication drawings. You provide draft, we submit a technical drawing prepared with the required software. Your draft may be a hand drawing or a photograph of another technical drawing. Your draft should be clear, well-defined and precisely interpretable, with marked scale or sizing parameters;
  • fabrication of technical drawings from physical parts. Reverse engineering is working out technical drawings, assembly drawings and 3D models from physical parts;
  • follow-up revision/adjustment of technical drawings – if you doubt that your technical drawings are correct, we can carry out a follow-up revision (regulatory compliance check of engineering design documentation), identify and correct mistakes, if necessary, and adjust your technical drawing in accordance with your requirements as well as requirements of Building Code and GOST;
  • vectorizing technical drawings. Vectorization of technical drawings is converting a hard copy of a drawing to a vector representation in required digital format.

6. Sheet metal pattern development (for bending).
Pricing for Project Design
You are welcome to send us your requests with enclosed attachments. Upon receiving, we will quote our prices and timeline for project design development as soon as possible. If there are several attachments, you may zip them and enclose to your request. If your attachments contain files of big size, you are welcome to e-mail them to