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Gross-sacking unit МС-25/50-МФ-Б-type

МС-25/50-МФ-Б unit is designed for sacking grain, flour, groats, sugar, mineral fertilizers, compound animal feed as well as crushed materials. Can be utilized as a low-cost mobile plant.

Detailed video materials of gross-sacking unit МС-25/50-МФ-Б in operation


Performance and technical characteristics:

  • capacity up to 480 sacks per hour;
  • batch weight 25-50 kilos;
  • gross weight weighing principle;
  • outlet belt conveyor equipped with bulk compressor;
  • operating temperature from -40˚С to +40˚С;
  • single-piece support framework.


Approvals and permits

Разрешение на применение модулей дозирования и фасовки

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