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Free-flowing supply system

Free-flowing machine, distribution and locking devices build up a system for conveying bulk solids on basis of gravity.


Range of products

Distribution devices:

  • one-way diverter valve МС-КПО-type;
  •  two-way diverter valve МС-КПД-type;
  • distributing swing pipes МС-ТПР-type.


Locking devices:  

  •  multipurpose slide gate МС-ЗУШ-type;
  •  slide gate with adapter for circular cross-section МС-ЗПШ-type;
  •  multipurpose sector gate МС-ЗУС-type;
  •  rotary lock МС-ЗШ-type.


Free-flow devices:  

  •  free-flow pipe МС-СТ-type;
  •  free-flow sector МС-СС-type;
  •  free-flow elbow pipe МС-СК-type;
  •  one-way free-flowing inlet МС-СВО-type;
  • two-way free-flowing inlet МС-СВД-type;
  •  symmetric free-flowing inlet МС-СВС-type;
  •  adjusting pipe socket МС-СП-type;
  •  pipe socket МС-СПБ-type;
  •  flanges МС-СФ-type.


Upon request this equipment is available in zinc coating (by hot dip galvanizing method) or stainless steel modifications.


Approvals and permits


Сертификат соответствия самотечные устройстваСертификат соответствия самотечные устройства-2Сертификат соответствия самотечные устройства-3

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