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Complex unloading mechanism КМР-type [in progress]

Businesses that handle sacked cargo are now being challenged to streamline their storage technologies. Melservis responds to this challenge and initiates project works to launch complex unloading mechanism (КМР). КМР is intended for unloading railcars, containers, open and covered trucks of sacks and packaged cargo under 50 kilos. Unloading can be performed both to storage area and onto another vehicle type for further transportation.

Currently, КМР-type unloader has no equivalents in Russia and provides highest efficiency in unloading railcars, trucks and containers, charged with non-palletized sacked cargo. Provided unloading capacity of 2400 sacks per hour, operating complex unloading mechanism КМР requires two loader-operators.

This equipment may be interesting for businesses in agro-industrial complex and chemical industry, as well as for terminal and logistics complexes and transport logistics businesses.

Complex unloading mechanism is equipped with start-control devices by Schneider-electric, frequency inverters by MITSUBISHI to control speed of telescopic conveyor belt , drives by SEW-EURODRIVE, conveyor belt – 500-EP400/3-3 by “Sava” (Slovenia).

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